My story is pretty typical of many Mexicans who have come to America to find work, and send money back home to help other family members. Back in 1992, it was easy for migrant workers to come across the border to work in the fields for large companies. At first, I worked in Texas, then over the year have worked in a number of states.

I was actually detained by Immigration in 1993, and advised me I was in deportation proceedings, which meant I would have to go to see a judge about my status and whether or not I could remain in the US. However, because I was always moving, I never received the paperwork advising me of the exact time and place of the court. Years later, I learned that the case had been “administratively closed” since I was not personally served with the notice to go to court, and they did not have my address.

I came to America from Kingston, Jamaica when I was 12 years old. I had lived with my aunt since I was a baby because my mother had left me to marry someone in the United States. She was able to get her green card through this marriage, and eventually my step father filed a petition for me to join them. I graduated from high school, but had no interest in college. It was really a subject that was never discussed. For the most part, I did some construction work or found odd jobs here and there. I was laid off two years ago, so started my own car detailing business. I have a license, pay taxes most years, and still live with my mother, but I have a girlfriend and a seven month old baby who live in an apartment.

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